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Changes in authentication – how the changes affect your transactions on OP’s services

The Payment Services Act reform will soon enter into force. It has led to new requirements for both private and corporate customers on the identity verification and confirmation methods used on OP’s services. This means changes when you log into our services and confirm payments.

The EU’s Payment Services Directive 2, or PSD2, enters into force in stages. It will enter into force in its entirety on 14 September 2019. Soon everyone needs to log into services related to payments or viewing account details with a method that meets the criteria for strong authentication. The purpose of the legislative amendment is to guarantee the safety of the customer, customer details and payments.

The Mobile key – a secure and easy way to authenticate yourself

The Mobile key is an electronic authentication method on OP-mobile and OP Business mobile that already complies with the new requirements concerning strong authentication. When doing transactions on these mobile apps, you will then only need to remember a single PIN – created by yourself and known only to you – instead of a username, password and key code list. With the Mobile key, you can log in and confirm payments and other transactions in the app. In addition, the Mobile key enables you to use fingerprint or face login.

Our goal is that you’ll be able to use the Mobile key for authentication and payment confirmation also at towards the year end. As of September 2019, the Mobile key will be gradually introduced as a confirmation tool for online card purchases. Later, the use of the Mobile key will also be extended to other services, such as MyTax and Kela.

Authenticating yourself on OP-mobile and OP Business mobile

OP-mobiili tunnistautuminen OP-mobiili tunnistautuminen

Changes in login and payment confirmation – check your further confirmation phone number

There will also be changes in the use of and OP Accessible. You can still use your key code list to log in and confirm payments, but, in the future, payments and login will be strengthened with SMSs. In practice, you need to have a mobile phone to which you can receive SMSs. Receiving SMSs is free of charge for you.

As of September 2019, the confirmation of card payments in webshops will change in stages as we renew our cards. At the moment, you can confirm your online card purchases either using:

  • the Mobile key
  • OP user ID, password, key code list and a key code list code that you will receive by SMS
  • OP user ID, password and key code list or
  • a single-use code that you will receive by SMS

See instructions on using the Mobile key for online purchases

Learn more about paying online purchases using your card

To receive the necessary authentication information in an SMS, your phone number for further confirmation (i.e. your personal phone number linked to your user ID) needs to be up to date. Please make sure your phone number for further confirmation is correct.

How to check your details at

  • Private customers (in Finnish): Oma profiili (My profile) > Omat tietoni (My details)
  • Corporate customers: Settings > Confirmation and devices > Managing further confirmation number

If you don’t have a phone number for further confirmation yet, you can add it when logged in at or by visiting a bank branch. If the phone number for further confirmation is incorrect in your details, please contact our telephone service or a bank branch.

If you don’t have a device that can receive SMSs, please contact your OP cooperative bank to agree on the best way to do your transactions.

How to log into and authenticate yourself tunnistautuminen tunnistautuminen


This is how further confirmation with an SMS works

Please note that the serial number in the SMS is shown without leading zeros.


Continue to hold on to your username, password and key code list

Even though there will be changes in authenticating yourself on OP’s services, you will need your username, password and key code list in the future, too.

Your username, password and key code list enable you to log into, OP Accessible, third party services such as MyTax and Kela, and to confirm online purchases. You will need those when activating a new Mobile key, too.

Legislative amendments bring about new requirements for the identification and confirmation tools used when account and card information is viewed and payments initiated. Their purpose is to guarantee the safety of the customer, customer details and payments. Legislation requires so-called strong identification basically every time account information and payment services are used. 

The changes originate in regulation that is binding on banks. The amendment of the Payment Services Act on the basis of the PSD2 directive aims to ensure the safety of banking transactions, and the key code list alone does not meet the new requirements of the Act. The Payment Services Act concerns all banks that operate in Finland.

Read Frequently Asked Questions about the Mobile key and using it.
Your user ID enables you to log into OP’s services, confirm online payments for various service providers, sign documents such as agreements and applications, and authenticate yourself on many authorities’ online services.