Changes in your card billing

After receiving your new card, you might receive two credit card bills. If you want to pay down your credit in instalments, then only pay your new bill where the payee is OP Card Company Plc. If you want to pay off your entire credit balance at once, then pay both bills.

Along with your new card, the credit card bill details will change, including the reference number, payee’s name and payee’s account number. See more detailed information below, under the billing method you use.

Transfer of credit balance

If your credit card has balance, it will be transferred to the new card within approximately two weeks after you have activated the new card (i.e. after you have made your first purchase with the card).

After the balance has been transferred from your old card, you will see the transaction Saldonsiirto (balance transfer) in your credit account. If your old card has a positive credit balance, please call OP-Visa customer service at +358 9 6964 6015 (Mon–Fri 8–18) to get access to it.

You might receive two credit card bills after receiving your new card

During the transition period, you might get two bills for the same billing period: one bill for the credit linked to the old card, and one for the new card. To pay down your credit in instalments of your choice: just pay the bill with the new billing details. It shows your minimum payment or the amount that you need to pay at least to pay to pay down your credit balance.

To pay off your entire credit balance at once, pay both bills.

You will recognise the new bill from a slightly changed layout and the payee’s name. In the new bill, the payee is OP Card Company Plc, while in the old one it is OP-Visa/OP Card Company Plc.


If you have chosen OP’s e-invoices for your old card, you will also get your new bills as e-invoices. Note that an automatic e-invoice confirmation setting will not be automatically applied to your new e-invoices. You can edit e-invoice orders at (in Finnish, under E-laskujen hallinta (Manage e-invoices)). Under your e-invoice orders, you will see two orders: one for your old and one for your new card. You can remove the old card’s e-invoice order. If you want to use automatic e-invoice confirmation for the new bill, select it in the e-invoice order settings.

How to differentiate the two e-invoices:


Old card’s e-invoice

New card’s e-invoice


OP-Visa/OP Card Company Plc

OP Card Company Plc

Subject of invoice

Ostot OP-Visakortilla



If you receive e-invoices to some other bank’s online service, you will receive your first new bill in paper form. In this case, you need to order your credit card bill again as an e-invoice. Use the billing details shown in the paper bill. The payee and subject of invoice are as stated above.

Payment template

If on OP eServices you have saved a payment template for OP-Visa bills, you need to update the new credit card billing details to it.
Payee: OP Card Company Plc
Account: FI10 5000 0120 3374 71
Reference: (See the reference for your credit at (in Finnish): Omat kortit (My cards) > Uusi OP-Visa Credit/Debit (New OP-Visa Credit/Debit)> Kortin ja luoton tiedot (Card and credit details) > Laskutus (Billing))

Direct payment

If you have chosen direct payment with OP for your old card, your billing method will remain unchanged. If your direct payment is with another bank, you will receive the first bill for your new card in paper form. After that, make a new direct payment order using the billing details shown in the paper bill. The payee and subject of invoice are as stated in the table above.