Frequently Asked Questions


Card delivery

You card number (16 digits), expiry date and the three-digit CVV have changed. Your four-digit PIN will remain unchanged. The card’s credit limit and spending/withdrawal limits will also remain unchanged. To easily check these details and make any updates, use OP-mobile or op.fi.

Activate your new card right away by making a payment with it or by making an ATM withdrawal or deposit. Once you have started using your new card, dispose of the old one by cutting it in two right across the chip and magnetic stripe. Update your new card details in any services that you regularly use (such as parking applications and music or movie services).

We will deliver the card to your home address, unless you have separately agreed to have it delivered to OP bank branch. We get your home address from OP’s customer data system which we maintain on the basis of the Finnish Population Information System.

We will inform you about the renewal of your card through your online bank, on OP-mobile and by SMS. Once your card has been renewed, you will see the new card’s details at op.fi and on OP-mobile. To check your contact details, log into op.fi and go to Oma profiili (My profile).


Card use

No, it will remain unchanged. If you have forgotten your card’s PIN, you can order a new PIN as usual, by logging into op.fi.

Please call OP’s Card customer service at 0100 0500.

The additional card will also be renewed. Please start using also the additional card immediately. The old additional card will be closed when the main card is taken into use.


Card features

Unfortunately, this is not possible now. However, at op.fi you can choose which colour you would like to have at the next annual card renewal. You can also order a card in your preferred colour as soon as you have received your new card. In this case, we will charge a fee based on our list of service charges and fees.

All new OP cards are white on the front side, and there are six colour options for the back side. We no longer issue cards with images on the front side. If you haven’t chosen a card colour before, you will now receive a card which is orange on the back side. A card without a contactless payment feature will be white on the back side.

If you have an Android phone, you can add your new card to the Pivo app. With Pivo, you can pay at stores using your phone. Cards have a contactless payment limit of 50 euros but with Pivo, you can also make payments of over 50 euros quickly and safely. You can also add your K-Plussa card to Pivo's contactless payment.

Read more about Pivo (in Finnish)

Yes, it will. You can continue using your card as normal.

Yes, if you are our owner-customer, your OP-Visa card will automatically include Product Protection Insurance. For more information on Product Protection Insurance, go to op.fi.

We have made changes to your card because we want to develop and offer you even more versatile card services than before.

Yes, you can transfer credit to your account at op.fi or in the OP-mobile app.



Any outstanding balance on your old credit card will be transferred to your new credit card. Pay the bill for your new card only. You will recognise the new bill from the payee’s name, OP Card Company Plc.

If you wish to pay off the entire balance, pay both bills. In this way, you can also ensure sufficient credit facility on your new card.

Yes. Since the credit card bill’s payment details will change, we recommend that you make an e-invoice agreement. It is also important that you update any recurring payments and payment templates with the new payment details (new account number and reference number)

If you can see the payment in your new card’s transactions, you don’t need to take any action. If you can only see the payment in the itemisation of transactions for your old card, you can also pay the new bill if you wish, or you can contact our customer service to prevent it from being debited.

Your payments will repay your credit card debt normally, and you don’t necessarily have to do anything. If you want us to return your extra payment, please contact OP’s Card customer service at 0100 0500.

In the new Oma arkisto (My archive) available after you log into op.fi, you will easily find your card agreement. If you have ordered your credit card bill as an e-invoice, it will be also saved in the electronic archive. The e-invoices are stored in the electronic archive for 24 months.

Saldonsiirto tehdään, jotta sinulla ei olisi kahta yhtäaikaista avointa luottoa. Siirto tehdään noin kaksi viikkoa siitä, kun olet ottanut uuden korttisi käyttöön. Saldonsiirto koostuu vanhan luottokorttisi tapahtumista, jotka siirretään yhtenä eränä uudelle OP-Visa-luotollesi.