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Your new card and online purchases

Information you need in webshops at the time of payment

Confirming online purchases will gradually change due to strong authentication required by the Payment Services Act. When paying online purchases with OP-Visa or OP Mastercard, you will need:

  • the card number that is visible on the front of your card*
  • the three-digit security code that you can find at the back of the card, on the right hand side of the signature panel*
  • the card’s expiry date that is visible on the front of your card, in the format mm/yy
  • depending on your card, either the Mobile key or the OP user identifiers and the key code list
  • your mobile device on which, depending on your card, you will either use the Mobile key or receive a further confirmation SMS containing a serial number for the key code list or a single-use confirmation code

The Mobile key will be gradually adopted in the confirmation of online purchases as we are renewing our cards. During the transition period, some of the payments will continue to be made using the OP user ID, password and key code list, without further confirmation.

How to authenticate yourself with the Mobile key when making online card purchases

  1. First make your purchases, then proceed to paying with the OP-Visa card.
  2. Select Maksa (Pay). This will take you to OP’s service for authentication.
  3. If you use the Mobile key, select that as the authentication method.
  4. Open OP-mobile on your phone. At this stage, you won’t receive a separate notification on your phone on opening the app.
  5. Confirm with Mobile key. If you’re already logged into OP-mobile, tap Money in the submenu, then select Confirm with Mobile key.
  6. On the app’s screen, check the card payment recipient and the amount you’re confirming. Confirm the transaction with the Mobile key PIN you’ve selected yourself and by tapping Confirm.
  7. You’ll get a notification of successful confirmation. Select Valmis (Ready).
  8. After the card transaction has been verified, you’ll receive confirmation of the payment.
  9. You’ll return to the merchant’s website and receive an order confirmation from the merchant.