Your new OP-Mastercard

What do I do when I get my new OP-Mastercard?

  1. Sign your new OP-Mastercard and start using it right away. You can activate the card by paying with it or by withdrawing or depositing money on an ATM. Your PIN will remain the same. Similarly, your card’s credit limit and spending/withdrawal limits will remain the same. 
  2. Update your new card details in any online services and apps that you use (such as streaming services). Note that the card number, expiry date and the three-digit CVV number have changed.
  3. Dispose of your old card as soon as you have activated the new card. Cut the old card in half right across the chip and the magnetic strip. 
  4. Check and update the new, changed billing details when you receive a bill for your new card.

What will change?

  • There will be changes in your card billing. Please read the information on the changes carefully.
  • Your old card’s Mastercard credit balance will be shown as a preauthorisation on your new card. This ensures that you will see your new card’s available credit facility correctly. 
  • During the card renewal, you can view both your old and your new card data on the service and OP-mobile. You can view your old card data as usual, but once you have received your new card, you can no longer make any changes to your old card.
  • Do you use your card to make purchases in online stores and mobile applications? You can confirm these payments conveniently by using Mobile key if you have OP’s user ID.

What will stay the same?

  • Your four-digit PIN will remain the same. You must confirm the first card payment with your PIN. After that you can also use contactless payment.
  • The card’s credit limit will remain the same.
  • On the front of your card you can see the card number for credit use, and the related CVV number is printed on the back of the card.
  • You will receive the new card by post to your home address, unless you have separately agreed that you will pick it up from your bank branch.

Many reasons to use your OP-Mastercard 

  • You get an average 35-day interest-free billing period for your purchases. 

  • The contactless payment feature enables you to pay on credit for purchases of up to 50 euros quickly and securely – without contact.

  • As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, your card also includes the Product Protection Insurance free of charge. It covers breakage or theft of an item purchased using the card.*

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*Product Protection Insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.