Your OP-Visa card will be renewed

​We are renewing all customers' OP-Visa cards with credit facility during 2019–2020. This renewal enables us to develop even better and faster card services for you. The new card will replace your old card and is ready to use immediately.

What should I do after I have received my new card?

  1. Sign your new card and activate it right away by paying with it or by withdrawing or depositing money. You PIN remains the same.
  2. Update your new card’s details in any reservations and direct debit services you may have (such as Netflix or Spotify).
  3. Dispose your old card as soon as you have activated the new card.
  4. Check and update the new, changed billing details when you receive a bill for your new card.
  5. Download the handy OP-mobile to your phone, if you are not yet using it. If you have an Android phone, you can start using Pivo for mobile payments.


With your new card you can also confirm online purchases with the Mobile key!