Effects of the coronavirus on banking and insurance services

This page contains instructions related to the coronavirus and news on banking and insurance affairs.

How can I use banking and insurance services?

In this situation, we recommend that you use our digital channels.

Our customer service is busy, especially with matters related to travel insurance, repayment holiday applications and saving and investing. We apologise for the unusually long waiting time in our telephone and online message services.

Due to this exceptional situation, there may be changes in the opening hours and services of bank branches. Please also note that the number of people in the waiting rooms of OP cooperative banks has been limited to 10 people. Some of our banks also offer separate service hours for people in high-risk groups. To check the situation of your own OP cooperative bank, go to our op.fi website.

It is important that people help those around them who can’t use an online bank, banking app or payment card. For example, older people, people with intellectual disabilities or those under legal guardianship may need support.

Please make sure, together with the person you’re helping, that all their payments will be made in some other way than by visiting the bank branch. Regular payments can be changed into direct payments which are free of charge. It means that a bill will be automatically paid on time, using the correct payment details. If using a direct payment is not possible, a payment envelope is another method. In that case, please make sure that the person you’re helping has enough payment envelopes for coming payments. You can go to any OP cooperative bank branch and get payment envelopes for the person.

Read more about direct payment, payment envelopes and other ways to pay bills

Bank branches’ teller services have many customer contacts. Using our services must be as safe as possible especially for people in risk groups. This is why it’s important that all customers who can use our self-service channels – OP-mobile, op.fi (in Finnish for private customers) or payment card – do use them and avoid visiting our branches.

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