Coronavirus and Corporate Travel Cover

My trip was cancelled due to my illness or the illness of a travelling companion

Cancellation due to your sudden illness is covered by your policy’s cancellation cover. Journey cancellation may also be covered due to the sudden case of illness of a travel companion or other person listed in the insurance terms and conditions.

The cancellation of your trip is not covered if you have been quarantined due to the illness of someone other than a person listed in the insurance terms and conditions – for example, if a school class has been placed under quarantine.

My trip was cancelled for some other reason

Does not cover the costs of cancelling a trip:

  • due to conditions at the destination, such as a confirmed coronavirus epidemic,
  • due to the cancellation of an event,
  • when an airline or other transport operator cancels the trip,
  • due to the destination country restricting travel or denying a visa.

For the costs of your flights and other travel services, such as accommodations, please contact your tour operator or travel service provider.

Before submitting your compensation claim, you must cancel the trip with your tour operator or service provider and file a claim for any refunds to which you are entitled.

Evacuation expenses

Covered by the evacuation cover included in the Corporate Travel Cover, if authorities advise travellers to leave the destination.

As of 16 March 2020, the Finnish Government has advised against travel abroad by Finnish citizens or persons living in Finland. In addition, Finnish travellers abroad are advised to immediately return to Finland. Beginning on 16 March 2020, Evacuation Cover for Corporate Travel Cover may cover additional travel and accommodation costs to the home country or the country of posting as evacuation expenses. According to current reports, the Government’s advice will remain in effect until 13 April 2020.

The journey must have begun before the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland advised to avoid travel to the destination. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs advises against all travel abroad beginning on 12 March 2020. Before 12 March 2020, the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs advised against travel to the epidemic areas of China, Italy, the city of Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province in South Korea, Iran, Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany, and Tyrol in Austria.

To arrange the evacuation, we recommend that you contact your tour operator or service provider.

Delayed or missed departure

If you miss your departure or need to wait for the start of your journey due to measures taken by authorities on air traffic or public traffic (for example, your flight is cancelled because the airport was closed down by the authorities), you may be entitled to compensation under the terms and conditions of your traveller’s insurance policy. For more instructions in the event of loss situations, and for the link to making a loss report, go to Pohjola Claim Help.

If you need medical assistance

Contracting the coronavirus while travelling is covered as a travel illness.

Pohjola Travel Emergency Service at +358 102 530 011 is available 24/7 and offers

  • help in finding a reliable doctor or hospital,
  • personal assistance in case of illness or injury,
  • a payment commitment for hospital treatment, surgery or other procedure,
  • contact with a doctor to discuss your situation, such as the treatment proposed to you.

If you are travelling within Finland and suspect that you have contracted an illness caused by the coronavirus, do not seek out a doctor directly: rather, follow the instructions issued by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. Call your local hospital or health centre emergency services.

Pohjola Claim Help contains instructions for all types of loss events and contact details of our network of partners at your travel destination abroad. Important service numbers in the event of illness or injury, Pohjola Travel Emergency Service and Pohjola Health Advisor, can always be found in Claim Help. Claim Help is available at and on OP-mobile and OP Business mobile.