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Case: Kuljetusliike Weeman protects staff and vehicles with comprehensive insurance

Pohjola Health Advisor service included in Health Insurance speeds up treatment. Kuljetusliike Weeman reports that the service has helped prevent long sick leaves, thanks to access to care without waits.

Founded in 1998 and managed by brothers Roni and Janne Weeman, Kuljetusliike Weeman is an independent Kuopio-based company specialised in the transport of refrigerated and frozen foods. In addition to transport, the company offers storage and distribution services.

With nearly a hundred employees and vehicles on the road round the clock, all sorts of incidents are possible.

‘In delivery sites with limited room, collisions with buildings and other vehicles are sometimes possible,’ says entrepreneur Roni Weeman.

For this reason, Mr Weeman has opted for comprehensive insurance cover for employees and vehicles. When OP’s insurance salesperson offered a broad package a few years ago, he could not refuse taking up the offer.

Employees are covered by insurance above and beyond legal requirements

In addition to statutory insurance motor liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance, Mr Weeman found suitable solutions on motor vehicle and liability insurance for commercial transport operations. The company has sought to provide employees with better cover than that required by law with Extra Health Insurance against medical expenses.

‘Our senior employees in particular appreciate this benefit. The Pohjola Health Advisor service has been very useful in situations where we have had to evaluate an employee’s capacity for work, and helped in referring the right treatment,’ Mr Weeman says, and adds:

‘I believe that the service has helped us prevent longer sickness absences thanks to timely access to treatment without long waits in public healthcare services.

The service has also been helpful in evaluating employees’ suitability for alternative duties in the event that they are no longer capable of continuing in their old roles.’

Mr Weeman reports that the insurance repays itself in the form of fewer sickness absences, thanks to preventive care measures.

The insurer is Pohjola Insurance. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.