OP-yritysmobiilissa hoidat yrityksesi sijoituksia.

Entrepreneur, keep up with your investments with OP Business mobile

Track your investments, buy or sell fund units and trade in shares on OP Business mobile.

On OP Business mobile, your company’s investments, real-time market information and trading are always available to you. You can do the following with OP Business mobile’s investment features:

View your company’s investments

Under Investments, you’ll see your company’s holdings and any fund holdings outside custody. It’s easy to track the performance of your company’s investments: profit or loss is shown in euros and as a percentage under the total amount of custody, funds and each individual holding.

Invest in mutual funds

Buy and sell fund units or start regular fund investment on OP Business mobile. You can also pause, end or edit regular investment, if you like.

Invest in shares

Track share prices and buy or sell shares on OP Business mobile. You can trade in shares quoted on the Helsinki, Stockholm or Copenhagen stock exchanges or on First North. Use the app to track your share orders, too.

Read news and research reports

Through OP Business mobile, you can read companies’ stock exchange releases in English. Additional content available in Finnish includes the daily morning review and company analyses by OP Equity Research and market news by Kauppalehti.

OP Business mobile is provided by OP Financial Group.