OP Joukko-osto -palvelussa yritysasiakkaamme myyvät tuotteitaan omistaja-asiakkaillemme.

OP Group Buying service supports OP’s corporate customers

Do you want to offer your company’s goods and services to OP cooperative banks’ two million owner-customers?

OP Group Buying is a service for OP cooperative banks’ owner-customers where our corporate customers can sell their goods and services. We arrange three market campaigns yearly, and one campaign period lasts for 1–2 weeks.

The theme for 2020 is supporting local companies. As OP’s corporate customer, you can apply to become a corporate partner in the OP Group Buying service. If you apply by 3 May, you can have your products included already in the May campaign period. OP does not charge the participating companies commission on sales.

In earlier group buying campaigns the most successful sales articles have been experience products, such as hotel, travel, spa and restaurant services, and design products, everyday utensils and various special items.

OP Group Buying in brief:

  • You’ll reach two million OP cooperative banks’ owner-customers.
  • The seller will sell their goods and services to customers on their own terms and is responsible for their delivery.
  • The company must either have their own online store or the ability to sell and deliver in a similar manner.
  • We take care of background processes, such as payment transfer and marketing.
  • Sales proceeds will be paid as a lump sum after the campaign.

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