Farm investment expenditures

Is it time for your farm to make new investments?

Are you planning a smaller purchase or a major investment for your farm operation?

We care about your and your farm’s financial success. We can provide advice to help you develop your farm operation.

We look at your finances as a whole. Carefully planned and timed investments and suitable financing for them play an important role in your farm’s future.

We look at your farm operation as a whole - from risk management and insurance to cash management and savings. Apply for financing and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Suitable financing options according to your need


Corporate account with credit facility

Corporate loan

Purpose of use

Suitable for a company’s daily cash management and minor capital needs

Suitable for long-term investments

Finance type

Revolving credit facility for companies

Term loan

Loan term

Flexible: repayments free up credit for new expenses

Loan term according to need, typically 3–12 years

Cost of credit

Euribor + customer margin + commission on limit, origination fee

Euribor + customer margin, origination fee