Varallisuudenhoitopalvelut maatalousyrittäjälle

Transferor’s livelihood

When you give up your farm, you enter a new phase in your life. You might, for example, need a new home that better suits your new lifestyle. You might also be thinking about financial matters. How should you invest the money received from the sale of the farm? How about pension options?

Housing and living

An intergenerational transfer might involve a move to a new home for the older generation. We help you in purchasing or renting a new home, as well as in other practical matters.

Saving and investing

When your work is done, it is time to enjoy your freedom, for example, by travelling or engaging in leisure activities. The profits made from the sale of the farm can ensure long-term financial security. OP will help you find the best option for investing your money.

Pension options

The pension option of the transferor consists mostly of old-age pension without reduction for early retirement. Farmers who have turned 61 years may claim 25% or 50% of their pension already at this point. More information is available from Mela agent.