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Intergenerational farm transfer – how should I proceed?

Decision-making is perhaps the most important thing in the preparations of intergenerational transfer. This means that the idea grows in the transferor farm couple’s head to give up farming and that their successors are ready to assume responsibility for farming.

Planning is a very large whole which is easily confusing. Thinking of intergenerational transfer can be made easier by splitting it into smaller parts in the following way, for example:
  • how will the transferors’ livelihood be secured
  • how will housing for the transferors and successors be arranged
  • how will the financing of the successors be arranged
  • what will the tax consequences be
  • formulating the deed of sale and its terms
We can offer you specific experts for each of these areas. You can safely make use of their advice.
OP cooperative banks can offer help in all these areas. They also have contacts with other experts, if needed. OP cooperative banks also offers extensive services for both the farm successor and the transferor.