Lähikuva avaimesta ja talon muotoisesta avaimenperästä.

A growing company benefits us all

A company investing in growth and development is an important asset to the whole of Finland, which is why OP wants to support your company in all its development phases.

Companies that invest and expand their business boldly will employ Finns today and tomorrow. Increasing exports and increasing wealth in society will rest on entrepreneurs running developing companies and investing in their growth.

OP wants to be your company's reliable partner on your way to growth. As the leading financial group in Finland, we can offer you solutions that will support your business in the long term.

Giving a boost to growth with versatile financial services

Many entrepreneurs have become used to doing everything themselves but it does not always pay off. For an entrepreneur, good partners and networks are worth their weight in gold. OP can help you find additional sources of revenue and ensure that you can maintain cash flow even if your profits dip amidst all the challenges relating to growth. We can help you assess and cover the risks associated with business as well as damage and engage your key employees.

We will naturally also assist you when you need financing and wish to assess different financing options. Whether you are interested in new business premises or machinery, acquisition or a generational change, we will help you assess the opportunities and risks to keep your business successful.
We have an extensive partner network in Finland and abroad. This way you can utilise local expertise through our networks wherever you are geographically. We can offer you suitable solutions for payments, risk management and competitiveness in the Finnish and global markets.