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OP Business mobile

Better business, less hassle. Handle your company’s banking transactions with a handy mobile app.

Hoida yrityksesi taloutta missä ja milloin vain

  • All your company’s banking services available wherever you are 

    Send invoices to customers, manage your investments in real time, apply for financing and compile records for your accountant. All this can be handled hassle-free on OP Business mobile.

  • Improve your financial management anytime, anywhere

    With banking services handily within arm’s reach, you’ll be able to manage your company’s finances smoothly and on time. 

  • Secure and simple transactions 

    Logging into the application is easy with a fingerprint login or face recognition. With the Mobile key you confirm transactions securely and easily without a key code list.

Get OP Business mobile for free

Download OP Business mobile on AppStore (iOS) or Google Play store (Android). Using the OP Business mobile app requires a valid OP eServices Agreement. You can also test OP Business mobile in trial mode without user identifiers.

Download OP Business mobile

Find these services and more on OP Business mobile

Mobile key
With the Mobile key you confirm transactions securely and easily without a key code list.
E-invoice Service
Send invoices, reminders and credit notes and easily keep track of your receivables.
Track your investments, buy and sell fund units and trade in securities.
Apply for financing for your company and view your existing business loans.
Online meetings
Access online meetings on OP Business mobile and consult with our banking experts without visiting a branch in person. Book an appointment at op.fi.
Accounting records
Easily compile records for your accountant.
OP-yritysmobiili toimii iPhone ja iPad -laitteissa, joissa on käyttöjärjestelmänä iOS 9.0 tai sitä uudempi sekä Android-käyttöjärjestelmää käyttävillä puhelimilla ja tableteilla, joissa on käyttöjärjestelmä 5.0 tai sitä uudempi. Saat ladattua OP-yritysmobiilin laitteesi sovelluskaupasta (App Store tai Google Play).

Log into OP Business mobile using either your Corporate eServices user ID or private customer OP eServices user identifiers. If you are a representative of several companies, you can change representation through the menu without logging out from the service. You can manage both your private and business finances with a single login, simply by switching between representations.

Use your personal eServices user IDs to activate Mobile key with which you can then log into OP Business mobile. You can also log in with a fingerprint login or face recognition if your device supports biometric authentication.

OP Business mobile is a secure service channel. OP Business mobile does not save information subject to bank secrecy on the mobile device during the session. Information is transferred to OP’s system with a strong encryption, regardless of the type of network connection used. 

Still, you should ensure that your phone’s software is kept up to date. We recommend that you log out of the app after each use of the service. The system will automatically log you out of OP Business mobile if you have not used the app for approximately seven minutes. Always remember that OP will never ask for your username and password. Do not reply to anyone asking for that information.

If you suspect that your personal online user identifiers have fallen into the wrong hands, deactivate them immediately by calling OP’s telephone service at 0100 0500 (weekdays 8–19, local network charge/mobile charge).

Outside of telephone service hours, deactivate your user identifiers by calling the Deactivation Service, tel. +358 20 333 (24/7). Be sure to also call OP’s telephone service during service hours to report the incident.

OP Business mobile is provided by Cooperative bank.