The service was reformed on 26 May 2021 – what changed?

The main menu of changed on 26 May 2021. works like before, but navigating from one page to another has changed. The left main menu and the links on the right, such as Messages and Customer service, moved to the top of the page. You can switch your customer role at the top left.

This is how the new menu works

  • Login is at the top right corner.
  • Switch your customer role at the top left.
  • Every section will show the most used services first. 
  • If you don't log in, the menu shows information about products and services.
  • Use the OP logo on the top left corner to go back to the homepage.

See frequently asked questions

How to log into

Login and Logout are always on the right top corner. 


Kirjautumisen löydät ylimmältä riviltä, oikeasta reunasta.

On a mobile phone or a tablet, you'll see just a lock icon and not the text Login or Logout. You'll see only the lock icon on your computer, too, if you have increased the text size on your browser.

How to switch your role to access personal or various corporate services

In the service, you can manage several companies' transactions but also your personal banking and insurance transactions. To switch your role, click or tap your current customer role (representation) shown at the top left. If you see your name there, you're in your personal services. Click or tap your name to access the services of a company you represent.

Asiointiroolin voi vaihtaa yläosan valikosta, vasemmasta laidasta

E-invoicing in the new menu

To access e-invoicing, select Payments and invoicing, and then Create invoice.

E-laskutuksen pääsee maksaminen ja laskutus -valikon luo lasku -linkistä.

Mikäli sinulla ei ole Yrityksen digitaalisen asioinnin sopimusta, löydät e-laskun lähetyksen Rahat-valikosta kohdasta Yrittäjän palvelut.

Where can I find file transfer?

To access file transfer, select Payments and invoicing, and then File transfer.

Aineistosiirto löytyy Maksaminen ja laskutus -valikosta

If you don't have the Corporate Agreement for Digital Transactions and want to access file transfer, go to the Rahat (money) menu, select Yrittäjän palvelut (services for entrepreneurs) and then Aineistosiirto (file transfer).

How to go to Electronic Signature Service

Select Customer profile, and then Electronic signature service.

Sähköinen allekirjoitus löytyy valitsemalla Asiakkuus

Is the reformed service secure?

The new service will be as secure as the existing one and the web addresses will remain unchanged. We never ask our customers to log into the service using a link in an email message.

The following points help you know that the website you use is secure >

How can I give feedback on the new navigation?

You can send feedback on the navigation on the Give feedback page in the submenu. Tell us about problems you have discovered, suggest improvements or inform us of anything else that you have observed.

If it is the question of a problem, describe the situation as detailed as possible, step by step if possible. Also describe the browser and device you use. Take a screenshot of the problem if possible. We will ask you to send it to us if needed. For this, please provide your contact details.

Where can I get guidance and advice on use of the new navigation?

  • You can ask your own OP cooperative bank for advice. 
  • You can contact our customer service if necessary. 
  • When you have logged into the service, you can also ask our online chat customer advisor for help.

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