Risk financing model for SMEs that supplements bank loan!

Your company will have better and easier access to financing when a bank loan and risk financing are negotiated in a single place.

#Suominousuun financing model – a bank loan and risk financing in the same package.

Comprehensive financing through a single partner

OP provides SMEs with normal bank financing and junior loan subordinate to it in one package. Senior loan is granted either an OP cooperative bank or OP Corporate Bank and junior loan by the investment function of OP Financial Group's insurance and pension institutions.

The main idea is that your company gets the entire financing package through a single financing partner.   

Who is eligible for finance?

The financing package is designed for profitable companies with net sales ranging from 5 to 50 million euros and in need of financing for investments, company acquisitions and of other growth financing or refinancing. The package suits your company if you do not want to finance growth by means of a share issue and normal bank financing is not fully possible in view of your financing need due, for example, to insufficient collateral. In project financing, the primary attention is given to your company's cash flow and not, for example, to available collateral. No restriction has been set for four company's line of business and purpose of use of financing. The precondition is that OP cooperative bank is your company's single provider of bank financing.

Loan's main features

The junior loan is usually a single payment loan (bullet loan) and its loan term is 6–12 months longer than the bank loan's. Its markup is higher than that of traditional bank financing and pricing is on a case-by-case basis. 

Benefits for your company

  • Availability of financing improves
  • Owners do not need to give up their ownership
  • One-stop-shop option – a single financing process and a single bank employee
  • More efficient and easier financing solution for your company on the whole


Please book an appointment for a meeting at your nearest OP member cooperative bank to discuss your company's project that needs financing. Let's build together an optimum solution.