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How to secure the growth and investments of your company?

Capital structure, liquidity and earnings generation are often weak points for growth companies.

Using asset financing in investments releases your company’s collateral for other purposes, such as working capital financing.

Companies face different financing needs during their life cycle. They must pay attention to factors such as capital structure, liquidity and sufficient earnings generation.

Financial planning is vital for securing the smooth running of operations for your company. When investing in, say, machinery and equipment, you may use the target to be financed as collateral by acquiring the funding via our finance company services. This would save your other collateral for future financing needs.

For the financing needs of growth-seeking SMEs, we have two solutions to offer in which risk financing and bank loan are negotiated in the same package. Our solutions provided in cooperation with the European Investment Fund (EIR) are good options, especially if your company needs a comprehensive solution to, say, finance a major investment or company acquisition.

Take a look at the new EIF financing models: