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Transport equipment financing

We provide your company with a diverse range of flexible financing solutions for acquiring transport equipment. How can we help you?

When acquiring new transport equipment becomes topical, we can offer you a solution that suits your company's needs. All our financing solutions are suited for getting both new and used equipment. Arranging financing goes smoothly through the vendor at the time of closing the deal, at the OP cooperative bank nearest to you or directly from our financing experts at local level.

The table below presents the differences of two financing types, hire purchase and finance lease, to make it as easy as possible for you to find a solution that best meet your company's needs.

Hire purchase, or investment financing Finance lease
  • The asset to be acquired serves as collateral
  • Your company receives title to the asset after the agreement expires
  • The asset is in your company's balance sheet - you can depreciate it in a normal way
  • You can deduct the value added tax on the asset's price at the time of delivery
  • The lease asset serves as collateral
  • Your company leases the asset from the finance company for a fixed term
  • Off-balance-sheet liability - your balance sheet lightens and key financial indicators improve
  • You have access to a quick and flexible leasing limit


Contact our experts and come and discuss your company's financing needs. Let's build together an ideal financing solution for your company to help your company grow!