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Protect your business continuity

Accidental injuries, illnesses and disability cause loss of income and may threat business continuity or a family's livelihood. Swinging fixed-income and foreign exchange markets too may bring unexpected costs and affect your company's financial performance. How have you prepared for contingencies?

"Prepare for contingencies that may undermine the viability of your business. We can offer you comprehensive solutions for the management of personnel, interest rate and currency risks." Paula Ahonen, Sales Manager, OP

Business always involves risks. An increase in interest rates may have a significant impact on loan interest expenses. Personnel risks too may affect a company's business in case an entrepreneur's of key employee's work contribution is lost.

A company can hedge against changes in interest rates for loans used for business financing through various interest rate hedges linked to the loan or separate interest rate derivatives.

Companies engaged in international trade are advised to prepare for exchange rate changes and hedge against them.

OP provides your company with a variety of options to hedge against risks. More information can be found below.


Our corporate loan payment protection insurance will help you cope with loan repayment and ensure your business continuity if you lose the work contribution of your key employee in the case of a serious illness or accidental injury.


  • You do not need to rush into selling an asset placed as loan collateral.
  • Your company has money left for hiring a replacement to complete a project and for other purposes relevant at that time.
  • Your company maintains its creditworthiness.
  • Insurance compensation supplements your social security and other personal insurance cover.
  • Compensation paid out under the corporate loan payment protection insurance enables you to pay off your loan. Other personal insurance policies enable you to get yourself and your personnel treated and to protect, say, your family's future.

Kultaturva in case of serious illness

With Kultaturva, you can protect the personal finances of your company's key employees if they unexpectedly fall seriously ill or are injured. You can choose the amount of benefit according to the needs of your company or your employees and use the lump-sum benefit for treatment, hiring a replacement or paying of the loan, depending on your choice.


  • During the time of illness, personal finances remain balanced.
  • You or your employee does not need to raise a loan to survive daily life and related unexpected outlays.
  • The insurance supplements your and your employee's social security and voluntary insurance cover.
The management of interest rate risks is aimed at reducing uncertainty related to  interest expenses and interest expenses related to unfavourable interest rate movements. You can manage your company's interest rate risk through interest rate hedges, flexibly and effectively.


Please remember to insure your personal loans too!

Whenever your company enters into a sales contract in a foreign currency, your company exposes to foreign exchange risk. Exchange rate risk arises at the time of making a binding contract or offer and ends after the currency exchange or currency hedging.

We provide flexible and effective solutions for foreign exchange trading and hedging against exchange rate risks.