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Financing for the sale of machinery and equipment

A wide range of financing solutions for machinery and equipment

  • We will provide your company with a wide range of financing solutions for the purchase of transport equipment, machinery and other equipment. 
  • Use our solutions to increase your sales and become more competitive.
  • With a modern online service, applying for finance is easy and you can print out finance offers and agreements for your customers. 
  • We will help you to sell finance products and provide you with access to all the services and expertise you need.

Easier purchasing decisions for customers

  • Financing will help your customers to decide on purchases and make investing in new products easy. 
  • With our solutions, your customers can spread investment costs over longer periods. Financing terms and conditions can be altered to tailor monthly repayments for customers. 
  • The sold item serves as collateral — in most cases, no other collateral is needed.
  • We also provide financing for your customer’s smaller purchases, maintenance and repairs.
  • Our finance products are hire purchase, finance and operational lease and small appliance financing.