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Enhancing employee wellbeing – How to get started

You can only know the status of employee wellbeing by asking. Improve employee wellbeing with information.

Wellbeing at work consists of the job and its content, safety, health and wellbeing. Your employees’ wellbeing has an impact on how well they will cope at work. When everyone in the work community feels good and motivated, time and energy will not be wasted on addressing irrelevant issues.

Each of us is responsible for contributing to a positive atmosphere at the workplace, one’s own capacity for work and maintaining competence. As an employer, you are responsible for ensuring appropriate leadership, equal treatment of your employees, occupational safety and improving employee wellbeing.

Many ways to improve employee wellbeing

You can affect wellbeing at work by paying attention to factors such as the workplace atmosphere, improving employees’ competence and through good and motivating leadership. Means for promoting wellbeing at work include improvement of the working conditions, enabling activities that support and maintain capacity for work and high-quality occupational health care.

It is often useful to conduct a personnel survey where the personnel can tell directly which factors at work they find stressful, and then focus on improving them. 

What does improving employee wellbeing mean in practice?

  1. Wellbeing at work is everyday life and daily leadership. Pay attention to policies, practices, communication and organisation of work. Give your personnel a chance to have an impact.
  2. Wellbeing at work is worth investing in because it not only brings cost savings, but is also an input. It is linked to sick leaves and premature retirement, productivity, customer satisfaction and creativity – that is, in practice, the company’s performance.
  3. The work of an immediate superior is challenging. Allow time for problem situations and support leadership work.
  4. Flexibility pays off – for you and your employees.
  5. Try to let go of outdated things together. It is not always possible to continue as before.
  6. Find your company’s own ways to develop wellbeing at work. Not all suits everyone. Try and ask for feedback from the personnel.
  7. Get a support network. Start with pension and accident insurance companies and occupational health care.
Silmälasipäinen nainen nauraa huolettomasti, tietäen että terveysturva ylläpitää työhyvinvointia.
Health Insurance
With medical expenses insurance, you secure high-quality treatment and an efficient clinical pathway for your personnel, and also shorten absence due to illness.
Mies ja koira ovat iloisia, sillä ryhmätapaturmavakuutus turvaa niin etätöissä kuin vapaa-ajallakin.
Group accident insurance
Protect your staff in the event of injuries sustained outside of work.