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Personnel fund

Towards effective remuneration

A personnel fund offers an excellent way to reward skilled and motivated personnel for achieving the set targets. It is a long-term remuneration scheme designed to commit your employees to contributing to your company's success.

As the employer, you decide on the adoption of such a scheme and define the criteria according to which performance-based bonuses and/or profit-based bonuses are paid. Your company does not need to pay indirect labour costs for the bonuses paid into the fund and, moreover, they are tax-deductible for your company.

A personnel fund is established and owned by your company's personnel. The fund manages the funds it receives as performance-based and/or profit-based bonuses from the employer company as well as the returns it has earned from investing the received funds.

Benefits for your personnel

Personnel owns and manages the funds accumulated in the personnel fund. If they so wish, the members can annually draw 15% of their own fund units. From the drawn fund units, 20% is tax-exempt income and the rest is subject to tax on earned income. This means that the members, too, enjoy tax benefits related to the fund's investment.

With our partners, we will support your company and offer complete solutions for establishing and managing a personnel fund. To get started, please contact your nearest group member cooperative bank.

First your company decides on the adoption of a bonus scheme. Then your personnel establishes a personnel fund to which bonuses will be funded. The most important thing is that the employer and the personnel agree on the establishment of a personnel fund.


  • At least 10 regular employees
  • Net sales or comparable revenue at least 200,000 euros at the time of the fund's establishment.

A personnel fund can be established, for example, in a company, a Finnish group's foreign subsidiary or a municipality, or a profit centre within the aforementioned.

At the time of establishment, bylaws will be drawn up for the personnel fund and they will be registered, alongside the registration report, with the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. You can find the minimum requirements for the bylaws as well as instructions on establishing a personnel fund on the website of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy (some information in Finnish or Swedish only). For more specific questions, you can always consult the Cooperation Ombudsman operating independently under the ministry.

The Act on Personnel Funds requires that the personnel fund invest its funds in a secure and profitable manner. Your personnel fund can use OP's comprehensive wealth management services and consult our investment experts about the selection of suitable investments.

Your personnel fund can also conclude a service agreement with Henkilöstörahastopalvelut Oy on the fund's management and a separate agreement with our OP-Private unit on its funds' investment. In such a case, your service package will include not only asset management and bookkeeping but also registration service and payment service including settlements and reports to tax authorities.