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Supporting the capacity for work and occupational health care

Statutory occupational health care rarely offers all the necessary tools to support capacity for work, so more and more companies in Finland are supplementing their staff’s occupational health care services with voluntary insurance policies.

Good occupational health care includes medical care that helps identify risks associated with work ca-pacity and ensures seamless cooperation between the company and occupational health care services. Supporting the capacity for work is a team effort. Sirpa Arffman, Insurance Manager, Pohjola Insurance

In Finland, occupational health care is statutory. This means that if your company has even just one employee, occupational health care services must be arranged for him or her. The statutory task of occupational health care is to prevent health hazards resulting from work and support the employees’ capacity for work.

However, more than 90% of Finnish companies supplement occupational health care with medical care services in order to promote their employees’ health and capacity for work. This raises the question: do employers consider statutory occupational health care as insufficient cover for their employees?

Your company’s occupational health care should be designed in accordance with your company’s needs and goals. Statutory occupational health care provides a good basis, but it rarely provides all the necessary tools to support the capacity for work.

Approximately 80% of a company’s sick leaves are caused by various types of illnesses among the employees. Therefore, any work capacity risks related to these should be identified as early as possible.

Medical care that identifies work capacity risks takes into account the impact of both acute and chronic diseases on the health and capacity for work of your employees in a comprehensive way.

Benefits of medical care services for your employees

  • speeds up the start of treatment and supports a smooth return to work
  • regular monitoring of any chronic illnesses at occupational health care promotes a good therapeutic equilibrium and helps maintain a better capacity for work.

Benefits of medical care services for your company

  • facilitates the monitoring of sickness absences and the early start of work capacity support measures
  • enhances the ability of occupational health care to support return to work

Supplement statutory occupational health care with Pohjola Insurance's personal insurance policies

We recommend that you supplement your occupational health care services with Comprehensive Health Insurance, which covers specialist-level medical care and examinations. In this way, you can ensure quick access to high-quality treatment and show your employees that you want to invest in their health and work capacity now and in the future. It is also worthwhile to take out voluntary occupational and leisure time insurance to support the overall solution.


Nainen etätöissä yrittäjän tapaturmavakuutus turvana.
Self-employed persons’ accident insurance
Comprehensive cover for medical treatment expenses and income protection in the event of an injury.
Nainen on huoleton ja juo kahvia, terveysturva.
Health Insurance
With medical expenses insurance, you secure high-quality treatment and an efficient clinical pathway for your personnel, and also shorten absence due to illness.