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SuoraTyö.fi service

An easy-to-use service for employers for hiring an employee, paying wages and for other statutory obligations.

Hire an employee quickly and easily

Together with its partners Pohjola Insurance and Ilmarinen, SuoraTyö offers everything necessary in the same package for hiring an employee and paying wages.


All the statutory obligations and insurance are taken care of for you

As an entrepreneur you will not have to make notifications to different places, they are made automatically through the service.


Quick return to work for your employee after an occupational accident

Pohjola Hospital and our other partner hospitals and clinics make sure that your employee will get good treatment quickly if an accident occurs.

Hire an employee and pay wages in one service

Whether you are a private entrepreneur, a new entrepreneur or an employer hiring temporary workers, you can easily and securely take care of all your employer obligations in the SuoraTyö.fi service.

In one service, you can recruit employees, make employment contracts, take out a workers’ compensation insurance and an employee pension insurance and pay wages. The SuoraTyö.fi service takes care of all payments and notifications to Pohjola Insurance, Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company, the Finnish Tax Administration and the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

Workers' compensation insurance gives cover if something happens

When you are about to hire an employee, you can also take out the statutory occupational accident and occupational disease insurance for your employee through the SuoraTyö.fi service. If an occupational accident occurs, Workers’ compensation insurance enables your employee to quickly get good treatment and return to work sooner. Pohjola Hospital and our other partner hospitals and clinics make sure that your employee recovers from the occupational accident as quickly as possible.

The occupational accident and occupational disease insurance taken out through the SuoraTyö.fi service has no minimum or advance premiums. Instead, the insurance premium is paid conveniently at the same time with the SuoraTyö.fi service fee. This unique offer is exclusively available in the SuoraTyö.fi service.

It is free to register in the SuoraTyö.fi service

  • To companies, the service fee for payment of wages and salaries is only €8.75 (+ VAT 24%) per payment.
  • The service fee is charged automatically when the payment of wages and salaries is made, and constitutes an allowable deduction to the company.

The service fee includes the most comprehensive service package in Finland: Digital employment contract – employee pension insurance – workers’ compensation insurance – working hours management – automated payroll – Income Register notifications – delivery of payslips. The service will automatically deduct all insurance payments and contributions to authorities.

The SuoraTyö.fi service is provided by SuoraTyö Oy. Workers’ compensation insurance is granted by Pohjola Insurance Ltd. Employment pension insurance is granted by Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company.

Workers’ compensation insurance
Covers your employees in the event of accidents that happen at work or on the way to or from work as well as occupational diseases.