OP foreign exchange trading services

With OP's extensive range of foreign exchange trading services, you will make international trade smooth and manage currency risks

Hedge against exchange rate changes

In international trade, exchange rate changes may have big effects on your company's finances. Hedge against exchange rate fluctuations easily with OP's electronic forex trading application.


Do online foreign exchange transactions on a real time basis

OP's electronic forex trading services bring flexibility to your daily business. Do foreign exchange transactions on line in various currencies and hedge against currency risks real time.


More sales volumes from abroad

Doing business with your foreign customers and suppliers will become easier if an extensive range of foreign currencies is available to you. You can buy and sell currency online at the time that suits you best. 

Tools for smart forex trading according to your company's needs

OP's electronic forex trading services will bring flexibility your company's daily business and you can do forex transactions online with different currency pairs on a real time basis. It is also possible to use various hedging products to hedge against foreign exchange movements that are also available to you on our electronic foreign exchange trading service.

OP FX Manager is the right choice when your company do foreign exchange transactions on an ongoing basis and the transactions are numerous. You can transfer a large number of forex transactions to the service in one go. With the service, you can also optimise the foreign exchange transactions you need and react to changes in exchange rates according to your company's hedging policy.

OP eFX provides the basic functions for doing regular, individual forex transactions. On the service, you can do forex transactions your company needs for outgoing international payments, do transactions between currency accounts or make currency hedges. 

You can do single foreign exchange transactions with your OP cooperative bank.

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Currency hedging guarantees restful night's sleep

A number of factors in the forex market affect exchange rates, such as monetary policy in different countries as well as the political and economic situation. They also react easily to market expectations. It is also important for a company to react to exchange rate changes just to maintain its competitiveness.

OP's smart foreign exchange trading tools enable you to do forex transactions easily and to effectively hedge against your company's currency risks by means of various currency hedging products. The most commonly used hedging products include forward exchange contracts, currency swaps and options. We can also always customise hedging solutions for your company.

A foreign exchange rate matters in business – without currency hedging, a 10% change can make you stay up all night. In FX trading, we rely on OP’s experts and real-time, electronic FX trading application

Jussi CEO, Tampere

OP's expert will always be there to help you in forex trading

Whether your company's need for forex transactions is small or big, please first contact your own OP cooperative bank so that you can get off to a good start. Our experts are pleased to help you both in one-off forex transactions and complicated currency hedging.

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OP Cash Pool Account
The OP Cash Pool Account is a total solution for your company’s liquidity management and it includes an orderly view for easy monitoring of euro and non-euro accounts.
The service is provided by OP Corporate Bank plc.