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Our services abroad

In cooperation with our strong local banking partners in different countries, we provide a diverse range of banking services for the needs of businesses establishing themselves in the country concerned.

Finnish businesses are going global and are increasingly active in establishing themselves in emerging markets. To start and develop its business, a new company needs local financing. In emerging markets, a company should also hedge against exchange rate risks.

We provide our corporate customers with working capital financing by issuing a standby documentary credit in favour of the local bank in security for financing through the parent company's undertaking. Our high international credit rating fosters the availability of competitive financing at local level. When a subsidiary has financing in a local currency, its exchange rate risk is lower.

The standby documentary credit includes an unconditional promise to pay to the bank providing financing related, for example, to the payment obligations of the subsidiary's financing.

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Payment transaction services for companies establishing themselves abroad

A company operating abroad has the opportunity to open an account with a foreign bank through OP and get tools for the management of the foreign account.

The parent company can manage the foreign account of its subsidiary by means of both the Transaction Reporting (bank account) service and the Payment Request (payment order) service. Transaction Reporting enables the parent company to retrieve the bank statement from the account of its foreign subsidiary immediately in the morning as a rule.

Payment Request enables the parent company to perform a funds transfer from its domestic account to its subsidiary's account abroad or make a request for funds repatriation from the subsidiary's account to the parent company's account. By following the cut-off times of the foreign bank and OP, funds can be transferred to the foreign account or repatriated to OP's account even during the same day. The entire liquidity of your company or Group can be put in a single place through the service, enabling higher return on capital.

Please contact your own or nearest member cooperative bank and we will be pleased to support your company in challenges presented by going global. Together we will find the best solutions for the needs of your company's international cash management.


You can open an account with a foreign bank for your company or its foreign sales or subsidiary company through OP.

If your company engages in international trade in a non-euro currency, it is advisable to open a currency account with OP.

business in a currency other than the euro? OP provided your company with solutions for foreign exchange trading and hedging against the risks involved.

Does your company do Our incoming international payments enable your company to receive non-euro payments and payments from outside the SEPA in your company's account with OP.

Our outgoing international payments enable your company to make payments outside the SEPA or in a non-euro currency.