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Our international services

We support your company's business in Finland and abroad through our extensive range of international services and a network of trusted partners.

An increasing number of Finnish firms carry on business and have business partners abroad. You need international banking and insurance services whenever your company is engaged in international trade.

Effective and secure cash management around the world

We provide comprehensive solutions for your company's international payment transactions and cash management. Euro and currency accounts form the basis of cash management in Finland and abroad. Through our accounts, you can make and receive SEPA credit transfers and international payments from all over the world while concentrating liquidity by repatriating funds to Finland.

Diverse range of solutions for foreign trade

Our foreign trade services help you, for example, ensure that your export receivables can be repatriated quickly, receive an extended term of payment in import trade and hedge against risks associated with foreign trade.

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Our services in the Baltic countries and our international networks

Our Baltic branches in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania provide an extensive range of payment transaction services for Finnish businesses too. For example, you can open a multicurrency account in which you can include diverse cash management and payment transaction services.

You can turn not only to our expertise but that of our trusted partners on a global basis. Our extensive international network provides your company with solutions for using liquidity effectively.

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