Tapaaminen lentokentällä

Services for foreign companies

A foreign company can open an account with OP. Before opening the account, the bank must verify the identity, existence and legal competence of the person opening the account, the account holder and the person with the right of access to the account. In respect of corporate customers, the bank must also request evidence of the company's existence and the persons acting on behalf of the company.

Companies wishing to opening an account must show the following documents:

  • Letter of recommendation from a foreign bank
  • Description of the company's business
  • Estimated number, amount and origin of account transactions
  • Extract from the minutes of the company's board meeting that makes a decision on opening an account
  • Persons entitled to use the account, their speciment signatures and copies of passports
  • Extract from the Trade Register OR Certificate of incorporation
  • Copy of the Articles of Association


Managing the account from abroad

A foreign company or the foreign parent company of a Finnish subsidiary can manage its funds within OP using a Payment Request service and SWIFT account reporting service.

  • Payment Request enables the company to repatriate funds to a foreign bank even during the same day.
  • The SWIFT account reporting service enables the company to retrieve electronic bank statements, extracts from intra-day transactions and the statements of balance from the account with OP. Different banks use their own cut-off times to send account data but bank statements can primarily be retrieved in the morning.


Please contact a Group member cooperative bank and we will be pleased to support your company in the account opening process. Together we will find the best solutions for the needs of your company's international cash management.

If your company engages in international trade in a non-euro currency, it is advisable to open a currency account with OP.

Our incoming international payments enable your company to receive non-euro payments and payments from outside the SEPA in your company's account with OP.

Our outgoing international payments enable your company to make payments outside the SEPA or in a non-euro currency.

You can open an account with a foreign bank for your company or its foreign sales or subsidiary company through OP.