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Custody and clearing services

A convenient way to get an overall picture of your company’s investments

Are you an active daily follower of your company’s investment portfolio or did you purchase shares as a long-term investment? OP has the right solution for both situations.

We offer your company comprehensive custody and clearing services for domestic and foreign securities.

The custody service provides you with an overall picture of your company’s assets:

  • The service shows you a summary of the total value of your investments, the returns and the diversification into various types of investments, such as shares, funds, bonds and index-linked bonds.
  • You can review the events, current and past, for each investment.
  • The service contains the generation of comprehensive reports for the tax authorities, including the capital gain calculation.
  • Information on the market value development of your investments is presented in the service as an illustrative graph.
  • You can assess the risk related to investments based on different factors and risk indicators.
  • The service also provides you with information about cash flows, in other words, the income and expenditure related to your investments.

The content, extent and price of the custody service are determined in accordance with the desired service level.  

Contact your Osuuspankki branch to open a securities account for your company. This account is necessary for the custody of domestic book-entry securities. Make the other custody service agreements at the same time and you will be able to see all your company's holdings within the same custody service, both online and in the form of customer reports related to the service.

Solutions for different investors basic custody, investment portfolio, active portfolio

Basic custody for long-term investing   

The basic custody service is suitable for long-term investments that do not need to be monitored actively.

Investment portfolio for active investors

We recommend the investment portfolio for active investors holding, for example, equity investments. It offers comprehensive tools and information for close monitoring of investments. You will also receive an annual calculation for the tax authorities.

Active portfolio when you need highly detailed reporting

In addition to the features provided by the Investment portfolio, this service provides you with detailed, regular reports on the returns and events related to your portfolio.

We provide your company with the necessary solutions for cash management and the profitable investing of surplus funds, both in the short and long term.
Share investment services are provided by the Group member bank.