Investing accrued assets


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Our experts give you all the help you need to invest your company's assets so you can focus on developing your business. 


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We provide your business with diverse selection of investment solutions. It includes profitable solutions for all types of investors.


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Trade in mutual funds and equities and track your investments easily at or on OP Business mobile.

Ready-made solutions

Are you looking for an easy and profitable way to invest accrued assets? When you start using OP’s solutions you can focus on your business and let experts monitor capital market developments.

Our selection includes three mutual fund solutions for companies. They are a convenient solution for investing cash funds and other capital profitably. Our portfolio managers make sure that with one investment you get an effectively diversified portfolio that is easy to track.

Your company can invest in apartments, real estate and forest through our mutual funds. Investing in real estate and forest is a good way to diversify the risks of your investment portfolio and to get returns that are higher than returns on fixed income investments and more stable than returns on equity investments.

If you want to invest your company’s assets in the long term, are able to tolerate risk in the equity markets and seek a good rate of return, take a look at our cost-effective index funds. OP offers six index funds that invest in different parts of the world and cover all main market areas: the world, North America, Europe, the Nordic countries, Finland and Asia.

In addition to mutual fund solutions, our selection includes an insurance-based Investment solution for businesses. It is an asset management service in which we allocate your investments into a ready-made investment basket or mutual fund. The accrued return on savings is taxed only upon withdrawal and you can change investments without charges or tax consequences.

Solutions for active investors

If you are interested in investing and have time for it, OP offers you the largest selection of solutions for active investors in the market. Through us, you can invest in various investment products including equities, mutual funds, structured products, derivatives, bonds, money market products and currency investments. Our products enable you to implement your investment vision and to customise details according to your needs. Read more about our range of products.

What do you need to get your company to start investing?

To use our saving and investment services, your company needs to sign an OP Savings and Investments Agreement. Contact your OP cooperative bank to sign the agreement. See detailed instructions on investing a company’s funds here


OP Fund Management Company Ltd manages OP mutual funds.