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Money market productions

Profitable, short-term investments for your company or an alternative to balance sheet financing.

We offer your company a diverse range of investment solutions. As an investment, money market instruments provide the investor with a predetermined income and maturity period for the investment. Similarly, when your company is looking to expand its capital base through market-driven financing, money market instruments are a good alternative to balance sheet financing.

Money market instruments are short-term, interest-bearing (fixed-income) instruments with a maximum of 12-month maturity period, which can be issued by banks, companies, states, municipalities and organisations. Money market instruments include certificates of deposit, commercial papers, state treasury notes, local government bonds and ECPs (Euro Commercial Papers). Short-term money market investments are generally so-called non-interest-bearing notes, which involve the lender paying the borrower the nominal value of the note on a fixed maturity date. The minimum deposit for the certificates of deposit, commercial papers, local government bonds and state treasury notes currently on the market is 100,000 euros.

Certificates of deposit and state treasury notes are book-entry securities. They are administered by the domestic security system maintained by Euroclear Finland Oy. Commercial papers and local government bonds are securities that are administered within the banks' own systems.

Contact your local group member cooperative bank and our experts will assist you in selecting the optimal financing and investment solution for your company for any situation.

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