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Cash management service

Diversified options for managing payments and monitoring finances

Cash management service offers your company a diverse range of services for managing payments and monitoring finances. You can use the service with all browsers anywhere and anytime, with ease and at low cost. As service user, your company can do transactions online on a real-time basis or do them beforehand, in which case they will be executed automatically on a desired date and at the desired time. It is a secure service; only persons authorised to use the service have access to information.

The service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

The service is an excellent tool to manage corporate group accounts. Viewing equity and mutual fund investments is also the service's special feature.
Jukka-Pekka Kokkonen‚ Product Manager, OP

On our Cash Management Service, you can, for example, track your company's account balances and transactions and make SEPA credit transfer, urgent and international payments. The search service enables you to quickly find your company's account transactions and you can print out bank statements for the period of your choice. You can also administer a corporate group account and bank statements and payments orders of foreign accounts.

The service is secure because data communications between the service and the bank are encrypted. Account and transaction data can be accessed by only those with dongles to the service. The service gives the opportunity to distribute dongles with various access rights to partners (e.g. corporate chains, accounting firms).

OP Cash Pool Account pools the funds in a Group's payment and corporate accounts into a single bank account.