Yrittäjä tekee valuuttakauppaa tietokoneella.


A service for companies’ regular, individual forex transactions.


You save time and money, because you can monitor the exchange rate in real time and do the transaction when it suits your company. We offer a diverse list of currencies and competitive pricing for all products.

Fast and convenient

There is a fully automated process behind the trading in OP eFX. The completed trades move to the confirmation process within seconds. You will receive the required references for payment transfer transactions immediately

OP eFX makes individual forex transactions easier

OP eFX is an electronic foreign exchange trading application that the customers can use to carry out forex transactions against outgoing international payments, forex transactions between currency accounts, as well as currency hedging.  

By digitising processes, you will cut down on manual work and make your company’s daily business easier.

Each forex transaction that you make will be filed in the service, and you can browse your company’s trading history anytime. A transaction-specific information field enables internal control.

How to get OP eFX

1. Contact us  

You can contact your company’s contact person at OP or OP Markets directly at 010 252 3104.

2. Review the foreign exchange trading needs 

Describe your company’s foreign exchange trading needs. We ensure that the services that best suit your company are available to you and set them up based on your needs so that they are ready to use. 

3. Authorise people to carry out electronic foreign exchange trading

Select and authorise the people who have the right to carry out electronic foreign exchange trading on behalf of your company. The authorised persons will receive their own user ID and password for the service.

4. Sign the necessary agreements

You will receive an electronic foreign exchange trading eServices Agreement and any other documentation related to currency hedging you need to sign. You can conveniently sign the agreements electronically. 

5. Implementation and support

The persons authorised to carry out trading receive the username, password and instructions as well as the address of the service login page by email. We are happy to help with logging in, configuring the trading settings and doing the first trades. We can either come on site or contact you via a remote connection. 

6. Start foreign exchange trading

You are now ready to start foreign exchange trading. We assist you on weekdays from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm at opfx.myynti@op.fi or 010 252 3104.