Strukturoidut tuotteet

Tupas authentication service

Safe method for identifying your customers on the Internet

The Tupas authentication service is the most common method for companies to identify their customers securely online. Through the service companies can identify all users of telecom operators' mobile certificate irrespective of the bank they use. The service fulfils the requirements of legislation on strong electronic identification.

The OP Identity Service Broker is replacing the Tupas service

The amended law on strong electronic authentication is in force as of 1 May 2017. The transitional period is until September 2019, after which the current Tupas authentication service no longer will meet legal requirements for strong electronic authentication. The OP Identity Service Broker is replacing the Tupas service.

The mobile certificate is an electronic identification document embedded in a mobile SIM card. It is used for authenticating user identity at login to electronic services and in electronic signatures. The mobile certificate is an identification service developed by DNA, Elisa and Sonera.

You can obtain the certificate from your telecom operator's service point or order one online.

Mobile authentication may be used in the provision of services, such as online shopping and gambling services, various public services including tax, pension and social welfare services as well as healthcare.

The mobile authentication service consists of two personal passcodes, one for identity verification and another for signatures. In the TUPAS authentication service, users are identified with key codes.

Read the instructions for the Tupas identification service at the website of the Federation of Finnish Financial Services. You can see updated instructions when you write Tupas in the search field.

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