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Customer and counterparty risk management

By hedging against customer and counterparty risks, you can secure business with your foreign partner.

Is your company engaged in international trade? Do you know your foreign business partner and the conditions in your country of destination? Are you aware of the challenges and risks associated with international trade?

No matter how good your foreign business partner's financial standing, payment capabilities and delivery reliability are, your receivables may be in jeopardy caused by economic and/or political risks of the country of destination. Political factors include political stability, economic regime and the country's foreign and trade policy. Economic factors include the country's economic situation and economic and foreign exchange policy.

Your company can, however, protect against risks in international trade beforehand by doing business with reliable and recognised partners, selecting a relevant payment method and using OP's solutions in your company's management of risks in international trade. This is how you secure the success of your business with your foreign partner and enable faster repatriation of your receivables.

OP's diversified range of services for international trade helps you to enhance your company's working capital turnover ratio, protect against risks associated with international trade and demonstrate your partner abroad your own payment capacity. Our various financing and insurance options provide opportunities for financing needs during manufacturing associated with exports and for post-delivery financing.

Versatile solutions for your company's export trade wherever you are doing business.
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