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Take care of your livelihood

Financial security for your farm

Personal risks carry a great financial weight both for you as a farmer and for your family. We will help you ensure that your livelihood as a farmer is protected with the necessary insurance policies. Especially when you are starting out with agricultural activities, the financial responsibilities are great and concern for your livelihood may weigh on your mind. Farmers’ income protection insurance supplements Mela’s insurance cover and ensures the family’s livelihood and your ability to repay loans.

What does the solution include?

As its name suggests, farmers’ income protection insurance includes the insurance policies you need to protect your livelihood and finances: disability insurance and life insurance.

If something happens, life insurance helps your loved ones and enterprise cope in a crisis situation. Life insurance also protects the personal property used as collateral for corporate loans.

Disability insurance protects you in the event of temporary or permanent disability. It also reduces the financial risks of an entrepreneur and secures the continuity of your business.

The Farmers' Social Insurance Institution (Mela) provides your enterprise with a comprehensive insurance cover, supplemented by the solutions included in the full cover for farmers. Farmers’ pension insurance (MyEL) is the foundation of your social security. Farmers’ occupational accident insurance (MATA), in turn, is a statutory insurance against accidents and occupational diseases caused by agricultural work. MATA is automatically valid as part of the mandatory MyEL insurance policy. We recommend that you also protect your free time with a comprehensive leisure-time accident insurance (leisure-time MATA).

Ensure that your insurance cover at the Farmers' Social Insurance Institution (Mela) is up to date. Remember to also report any income from a subsidiary occupation to Mela.

If you have subsidiary occupation activities in accordance with the Act on the Taxation of Business Profits and Income from Professional Activity, you must insure the working hours of the subsidiary occupation separately with self-employed persons’ accident insurance. Remember to insure leisure time too.

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MYEL insurance
Farmers who are insured with MYEL pension insurance are also automatically covered by farmers’ occupational accident insurance, called MATA insurance. In addition to mandatory MYEL and MATA insurance, make sure that you are covered by sufficient voluntary personal insurance.
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Farm Production Insurance
Provide comprehensive cover for your property and operations.