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Cargo insurance

Global cover for your transports

Does your company have cargo transports that are under your own responsibility? How has your company prepared for cargo losses not covered by the driver's liability?

If cargo is destroyed or disappears during transportation, your company may incur considerable financial losses or a business interruption. The cargo carrier's responsibility is limited, and the sum insured by the driver's general liability insurance may be just a fraction of the actual value of the loss.

The best way for your company to prepare against cargo losses is through Cargo Insurance, which covers cargo losses during transportation. Cargo Insurance provides cover for

  • inventories
  • fixed assets
  • foreign property.

Once we have found out the appropriate level of Transportation Cover, your company can focus on carrying on with your business even if losses occur.

We have long tradition and comprehensive expertise in cargo insurance on roads, sea, air and railways, and extensive inspection and claims settlement services also abroad. Customers' resources are not tied  with taking care of losses, and claims handling does not disrupt the customer's business.
Joonas Makkonen‚ Insurance Manager, Pohjola Insurance

Identification of cargo risks

Pohjola Insurance expert will assess your company's transport risks, so that we can give you sufficient insurance cover for a variety of eventualities.

Cargo losses may occur for a variety of reasons and circumstances. The commonest risks involve fire, storm, temperature changes and loading and unloading. Poor transport equipment and loading or transport conditions are further risk factors. Typical cargo losses include breakage, theft or moisture damage.

Proper Transportation Cover for your company

Cargo Insurance can be used by your company to insure, for example

  • exports and imports globally
  • transport related to domestic sales and purchases
  • deliveries between business locations
  • subcontracted transport and maintenance, guarantee, repair, removal or exhibition transport.


Transports are covered according to your company's individual insurance needs. The insurance can cover all transports relating to your company's business and field of operation in which your company carries risk or has an obligation to insure under the contract. It is also possible to insure only specific transports or just an individual transportation.

Scope of insurance

Full cover is the most comprehensive all-risk policy. It compensates losses caused by sudden and unforeseeable external events during transport.

Basic cover compensates only certain  risks, such as fire; explosion; lightning; sea, road or air accident; avalanche; and earthquake. Basic cover can be extended if necessary.
You can also insure sea, air or postal transports in case of war or strike.

Terms and conditions KU 05 are applied to Cargo Insurance, and these can be expanded with special terms and conditions KU 06. In international trade, terms and conditions KU 07 and KU 08 are applied.

Incoterms rules are terms specified by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) that specify the responsibilities of both buyer and seller in terms of delivery, goods and expenses.

The insurer is either Pohjola Insurance or A-Insurance Ltd. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.