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Cargo Insurance for companies

Covers damage to cargo during transit.

Insurance tailored round your company’s shipment risks

You can select ongoing annual insurance for all shipments in Finland and abroad or one-off insurance for individual shipments. You can select the scope of cover, from basic cover and any extensions – all the way to comprehensive cover with war and strike clauses.

Top specialists ready to help in the event of loss or damage

We begin investigating loss or damage during shipments as soon as a claim is submitted. Our international network of loss surveyors is ready to help you all over the world. You can concentrate on your core business while we take care of the compensation claim on your behalf.

Our comprehensive network of partners round the world

Enables your company to insure its international shipments worldwide through our network of specialists. Our partners include AXA XL, which can handle local insurance solutions if required.

Insurance certificates online 24/7

As our customer, you will be able to access the online CargoCertNet service free of charge, enabling you to prepare and print Insurance Policy and Certificate documents any time, any place.

Whenever cargo is transported, there is always a risk of it being damaged or lost

Pohjola Cargo Insurance covers damage caused to cargo during shipment, loading or unloading. The vehicle may be involved in an accident, or the cargo may be damaged or stolen. Fire, natural phenomena and temperature fluctuations are also common causes of damage. The insurance also covers short-term and temporary storage related to the shipment.

For example, if an item intended for sale is broken or goes missing during shipment, your company may suffer a substantial financial loss. The carrier is liable for the cargo it transports from the moment it takes receipt of the items until the items are delivered, but its liability is limited in accordance with laws, contracts and regulations. For this reason, it is possible that in the event of an incident of loss or damage, the carrier bears no liability or is only required to indemnify you for part of the value of the cargo.

By insuring your shipments with Pohjola Cargo Insurance, you can cover your business shipment risks.

Insured shipments

Insured shipments may include:

  • Export and import shipments
  • Transport related to sales and purchases in Finland
  • Deliveries between business locations
  • Subcontracted shipments and maintenance, guarantee, return, repair, removal or exhibition shipments

Cargo Insurance can be taken out by the vendor or purchaser of the goods if the terms of delivery or the conditions of a commercial agreement or other contract require the party to insure the cargo or bear the risk of the cargo being damaged or lost during transit.

Incoterms 2010 terms of delivery specify when the risk is transferred from the vendor to the purchaser as well as which party is obliged to take out insurance.

Transported goods may be handled by several people and many parties during transit. Cargo Insurance is a form of property insurance covering the entire supply chain, as cargo carriers and freight forwarders are liable for loss or damage caused to cargo under the law, regulations and agreements. Our specialists will handle any necessary investigations into incidents of loss or damage on your behalf.

Joonas Makkonen Insurance Manager, Pohjola Vakuutus

Our strong network of partners safeguards international shipments

Trade is increasingly global. Cargo Insurance enables you to insure your international shipments.

Pohjola Insurance has an extensive network of experienced and professional loss surveyors. If loss or damage occurs, we will take care of investigating the incident and we will pay compensation in accordance with the insurance terms and conditions. If necessary, we will also claim damages from the party that caused the incident, such as the cargo carrier.

Press the button below and enter your contact details, and we will send you a quote for Cargo Insurance. We will contact you so that we can analyse the risks associated with your shipments together.

The factors affecting the insurance premium for Cargo Insurance include:

  • The total value of shipments
  • Your company’s business sector and the products being shipped
  • The scope of insurance cover
  • Your selected deductible
  • The territorial scope of validity

Components for IT equipment were purchased from the Far East subject to FCA terms of delivery (Incoterms ®2010).

The shipment was supposed to be delivered to Finland by air. The value of the component shipment was EUR 65,000, and the shipment was packed into a single carton. When the shipment was received in Finland, it came to light that the packaging tape had been replaced and the entire shipment had been stolen. Despite the airline’s investigation, the components were never recovered. The recipient received compensation under transportation insurance, which provided comprehensive cover.

Terms and conditions KU 05 are applied to Cargo Insurance, and these can be expanded with special terms and conditions KU 06. In international trade, terms and conditions KU 07 and KU 08 are applied.

Incoterms rules are terms specified by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) that specify the responsibilities of both buyer and seller in terms of delivery, goods and expenses.

The insurer is either Pohjola Insurance or A-Insurance Ltd. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.