Losses and filing a claim

When a loss occurs, it is important to get help quickly and begin the claim process. We have ensured that making a loss report is as easy as possible on our Internet Service.

When loss occurs, Pohjola Insurance's public companies can provide the best help for you. We have built an extensive and versatile partnership network to cover a variety of losses. Our partner repair shops can help you with vehicle damage, and the partner hospitals and clinics can provide you with expert care.

Remember to check the insurance terms and conditions and the insurance policy documentation to see that you are properly covered. Note that as a rule you should file a claim within twelve months of a loss occurring or the beginning of your illness or injury. In terms of statutory insurance policies, check the deadline in the legislation.

Do as follows in case of loss or injury:

1. File a loss report as soon as possible.

2. If you need help to repair damage/treat an illness or injury, contact one of our partners.

3. We will be in contact with you once the claim settlement decision has been made or if we need additional information.

Our claims handlers will make sure your case proceeds, allowing you to focus on other things. If you incur any additional expenses, you can make a claim for them as well in our Internet Service.

Contact us if something in your insurance contract is unclear or you are not satisfied with a claim settlement decision. We will revise the decision if a mistake has been made.

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