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Welcome to

Your company’s banking and insurance services have been moved to this site. Here you’ll find all your company’s services you’ve used so far at

How to log in

You can log into the service with your existing OP user identifiers by entering your OP username and password in the login window on the upper right-hand corner of the page. 

  • If you only have personal user identifiers for OP eServices, you can manage both your personal transactions and your company’s banking and insurance transactions with the same identifiers.
  • If you only have user identifiers for Corporate eServices, you can use them to manage your company’s banking and insurance transactions within the specified access rights. 
  • If you have user identifiers for both OP eServices and Corporate eServices, you can access your personal services with your OP eServices user identifiers and the company’s services only with the Corporate eServices user identifiers. 

Note also that

  • If you can't see the company’s transactions after logging in with your personal OP eServices user identifiers, this is probably because you also have user identifiers for Corporate eServices. 
  • If you have two sets of user identifiers and only wish to use one, cancel your Corporate eServices user identifiers by contacting our customer service. After that, you can manage all transactions using just your personal OP eServices user identifiers. 

Select representation

If you have several representations, or customer roles (such as private customer and corporate customer, or if you have several companies), select the right one for the service session after login. You can also set a default customer role for yourself so that when you log into the service in the future you will go directly to the selected role. You can change the role during the service session, and you can also change the default customer role if you wish. 

You can select any company whose banking and insurance transactions you are authorised to manage. 

Help for using the service

If you need any help using the web service, do not hesitate to call our customer service at 0100 05151 (Mon–Fri from 8.00 to 18.00, local network charge/mobile charge).