43,000 OP cooperative banks’ owner-customers influenced their own cooperative bank’s corporate responsibility work

This autumn too, OP cooperative banks asked their owner-customers what kind of corporate responsibility actions they should take. Supporting hobbies for children and young people and supporting employment and education for young people emerged as the most important themes in the responses of the owner-customers of all OP cooperative banks. This was the second survey with a total of 43,000 responses to OP cooperative banks.

The ”Good deeds across time” survey is aimed at engaging OP cooperative banks’ owner-customers to influence their own OP cooperative bank’s corporate responsibility work and, in that way, the future of each operating region. The survey was conducted on OP Media between 19 September and 9 October 2022 and OP cooperative banks will make use of its in their decision-making. The customer engagement campaign was implemented for the second time this year.

“OP cooperative banks play an important role in promoting local prosperity and wellbeing in their own regions. We want our owner-customers’ voice to be heard in the regional corporate responsibility action too. The survey results give every OP cooperative bank good tools to take corporate responsibility actions, says Karoliina Pentti, head in charge of owner-customer membership.

“Good deeds across time” makes OP Financial Group's sustainability programme real. Based on the responses, OP cooperative banks across Finland will implement corporate responsibility actions, such as financial literacy training among children and young people, support youth employment and organise training on the use of digital services.

Each OP cooperative bank uses the results of the survey in its decision-making. You can follow sustainability work on your OP cooperative bank’s website and social media channels, for example.

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