Remember to check your customer details

It is important that your customer details and Know Your Customer (KYC) information are up to date and correct.

During May, we remind our customers about keeping important customer details and KYC information up to date. Our reminder will show on the Daily banking page after you have logged into the service or in the OP-mobile. The reminder asks you to check and update your information. The included link will take you to the page where you can check and save your contact details and KYC information.

We may also call you if you do not have access to the service. However, please note that we never inquire about your personal ID code, online bank user identifiers, card details or passwords by email or over the phone. Never disclose your user IDs to anyone, not even to your family members.

Why does the bank ask for this information?

We ask for various information when you become our customer, and we update your details when you, say, apply for a loan or a credit card. We will also regularly ask you for information during your customer relationship so that we can serve you in your different life situations as well as possible. 
“We ask you for information because banks must have sufficient information on the nature and extent of their customers’ activities as well as their financial status and grounds for using the services. It is important that the information is up to date throughout the customer relationship,” notes Sari Heinonen, who is in charge of private customers’ banking.

How can I update my information?

You can update your information in Oma profiili (My profile) by logging into OP-mobile or the service. If you do not have access to the service, you can also update your information when visiting a bank branch or by calling the OP Customer Service.

Corporate customer’s information can be updated at the service by the administrator of the Corporate eServices Agreement. The KYC information can be found under Asiakkuus (Customer) > Tuntemistiedot (Know Your Customer (KYC) data). If your company does not have an eServices Agreement, you can notify your contact person at the bank of the information or call the Telephone Service for Corporate Customers.