The Green Card is not valid in Russia and Belarus as of 1 June 2023

Finnish motor liability insurance is no longer valid when travelling to in Russia and Belarus as of 1 June 2023. Frontier motor liability insurance must be bought to cross the border of Russia and Belarus.

All EEA member states and Switzerland have cancelled their Green Card agreements with Russia and Belarus. You can read more about frontier motor liability insurance on the website of the Finnish Motor Insurers’ Centre at

No changes will be expected in comprehensive motor vehicle insurance when it comes to travelling to Russia and Belarus.

What is a Green Card?

The Green Card is a certificate issued by your insurance company as proof that your vehicle has a valid motor liability insurance. When travelling outside Finland, you must present the Green Card in the event of a road accident and to border authorities, if necessary.

Print out a Green Card for your vehicle

You can easily print out your own Green Card in the service and on OP-mobile. The Green Card must always be printed on paper. An electronic Green Card on your smartphone is not accepted by the authorities as valid.