We make use of our customer feedback to develop our services

OP Financial Group receives a great deal of feedback through different channels annually. Customer feedback is important for us, as it allows us to develop our services according to our customers’ wishes. We process all feedback and consider it when developing our services. Thank you for providing feedback! Read more about the services that we have developed according to your feedback.

Banking services

As per our customers requests, we have implemented various services and features that facilitate making payments.

You can now start using Google Pay

Google Pay is a fast and secure way to pay in shops and online on your Android device.

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You will now receive OP-mobile notifications in real time

You will receive a push notification of an incoming e-invoice in more real time than previously. You will also receive a notification if an e-invoice has not been accepted by its due date. 

The notifications will arrive in real-time, regardless of the time of day or time zone. Using your phone’s settings, you can easily restrict the notifications so that they don’t arrive at night, for example.

This is how e-invoices work

Read more about notifications on OP-mobile

The new payment template makes payments easier

The new payment template will allow you to use existing payments as a template for new payments.

Log in and create a payment template

You can now also make international payments on OP-mobile

You can now also make international payments, i.e. payments outside the euro area and in currencies other than euros, on OP-mobile and OP Business mobile. Previously, making international payments was only possible on the op.fi service. If you want to make an international payment, go to New payment, just like when starting any other payment.

Learn more about OP-mobile

Learn more about OP Business mobile

Read more about international payments

Sending a payment reminder as an e-invoice on OP Business mobile

You can now also send a payment reminder as an e-invoice on the invoicing service of OP Business mobile. You can also reduce the payment time of the bill.

Read more about bills on OP-Business mobile

Insurance Services

Telephone menu improvement

We serve our customers through digital channels and through our comprehensive Telephone Service at 0303 0303. Due to the scope of the Telephone Service, it may have sometimes been difficult to select the correct choice from the menu. We improved our telephone menu in the autumn of 2021 and early 2022 to ensure that the caller can connect with the correct expert as conveniently as possible.

Our loss partner will help you in the event of a loss, but who are loss partners, and how can you learn more about them?

The easiest way to solve claims is through our loss partners. For example, our Repair Adviser will assist you with vehicle losses, and our Health Adviser will assist you with health-related matters.

We added an article describing topics such as marketing measures and loss partners to the op.fi service. The instructions on Pohjola Claim Help also include comprehensive information on the partner services for various types of losses. Claim Help can be found at vahinkoapu.pohjola.fi and in the OP-mobile and OP Business Mobile applications.

Read more about the loss partners of Pohjola Insurance

Check out Pohjola Claim Help

More about the content of home insurance

Various types of home losses are very common, but it sometimes becomes apparent during loss situations that the policyholder is not fully aware of what home insurance compensates for and what kinds of terms and conditions are involved.

We completely understand that insurance terms and conditions do not make for particularly interesting reading, so we developed a home risk test that familiarises people with home insurance. It helps people learn more about home insurance and risk prevention, and it also creates a risk profile for each person participating in the test. Are you a forgetful person, or are you wisely prepared?

Test how well you know the risk areas of your home and Pohjola Home insurance

Insurance bills and requesting payment time

Sometimes insurance bills are comprised of various insurance products, and they may be partly payed with OP bonuses. Paper insurance bills may disappear, and it may be difficult to find them in your online bank. We have therefore added a service to op.fi and OP-mobile for our personal customers, which allows insurance bills from the last three years to be browsed, and which displays their contents in a more easily readable form. People may also use the service to request additional payment time for insurance bills in the event that paying for an insurance policy by the due date is impossible. This allows people to get help online conveniently at any time without queueing for the Customer Service.

Read more about the new service

Reporting the personal identity code of a baby

If you are taking out Health Insurance for an unborn child, you must report their personal identity code after the child is born. After the child is born, you naturally want to focus on the new family member, not on insurance matters. The lack of a personal identity code is often noticed when compensation is claimed for a child’s medical expenses for the first time, and this slows down the processing of the claim. To smooth the processing of a claim, we have developed a function on the op.fi service that reminds users to add the personal identity code of their child after they are born.

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