You can withdraw cash at store checkouts, in addition to ATMs

Although card payments are accepted almost everywhere these days, you may still need cash during your holiday trip, for example. At marketplaces and summer events and in cafés, it is possible that only cash will be accepted as a payment method. Did you know that you can withdraw cash while doing your shopping, without using an ATM?

You don’t have to plan cash withdrawals in advance since you can withdraw cash at a store checkout in connection with your purchases. When paying for your purchases, tell the store cashier that you would like to withdraw x euros in cash with your payment card.  There is no minimum amount you need to withdraw, but the maximum withdrawal is 200 euros at a time.

With OP’s card, you can withdraw cash at Otto and other ATMs and at checkouts of the following retail chains:
  • K-grocery stores
  • Tokmanni stores
  • R-kiosks
  • Neste service stations

Cash withdrawals at store checkouts are free of charge.

You can check the locations of Otto ATMs at or from OP-mobile.