Coronavirus and traveller’s insurance

Pohjola Insurance telephone service is currently very busy due to the coronavirus epidemic. You can handle your banking and insurance matters quickly and easily 24/7 on OP-mobile and at

See this announcement for instructions to our travel insurance customers. We have compiled a list of answers to frequently asked questions to help you.

How does travel insurance cover situations related to the coronavirus?

Compensation depends on the extent of coverage in your chosen travel insurance and on the time of purchase. How to check your situation:

1. Check your insurance cover in the policy document, on OP-mobile, or on After this, see below for the instructions relevant for your situation.

OP-Visa Platinum

OP-Visa Platinum payment card includes Corporate Travel Cover travel insurance and separate Travel Cancellation Cover. The costs of a cancelled trip abroad are covered by the separate Travel Cancellation Cover, regardless of the reason, when the trip has been paid using the credit feature of the card.

2. You can report loss and file claims

  • on OP-mobile,
  • by logging onto using your online bank identifiers,
  • by calling our insurance services number at 0303 0303,
  • in Claims Service at the address (corporate travel insurance policies).

Before filing a claim, make sure that you have all the documents required for your claim at hand. These include original travel tickets and a certificate issued by the tour operator or airline on the reason for the cancellation of the journey and any refunds received, or a statement showing that no refunds will be paid.

Please note that you can file the loss report flexibly within one year from the trip’s start date.

If you need medical assistance during travel abroad

Contracting the coronavirus while travelling is covered as a travel illness.

Pohjola Travel Emergency Service at +358 102 530 011 is available 24/7 and offers

  • help in finding a reliable doctor or hospital,
  • personal assistance in case of illness or injury,
  • a payment commitment for hospital treatment, surgery or other procedure,
  • contact with a doctor to discuss your situation, such as the treatment proposed to you.

Pohjola Claim Help contains instructions for all types of loss events and contact details of our network of partners at your travel destination abroad. Important service numbers in the event of illness or injury, Pohjola Travel Emergency Service and Pohjola Health Advisor, can always be found in Claim Help. Claim Help is available at and on OP-mobile and OP Business mobile.

Recommendations by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs advises against travel to any foreign destinations beginning on 12 March 2020.

The following epidemic areas were subject to a no-travel recommendation before 12 March 2020: China, Italy, South Korea: the city of Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province, Iran, Germany: Nordrhein-Westfalen, Austria: Tyrol.