Monthly investment now on OP-mobile

Now you can start monthly investment in a fund easily on OP-mobile.

How to start monthly investment on OP-mobile:

  1. Log into OP-mobile.
  2. Go to Investments, then select Buy mutual finds.
  3. Select a fund in which you want to invest monthly and select Buy.
  4. Select Systematic investing. Then set the amount, the account (from which the amount will be debited), recurrence and the due date.
  5. Move on, read the documents and select Accept.
  6. Confirm by entering your Mobile key PIN.

You can start with a small amount. Later you can increase or decrease the amount in the service, if you like.

If you’re buying fund units for the first time, you are requested to first accept the OP Savings and Investments Agreement. The agreement is free of charge and you can accept it in the service. Note that the service is available only in Finnish and Swedish. Please contact our customer service if you need assistance.

Find the best funds for your situation and targets with our calculator

If you’re our owner-customer, you can subscribe for and redeem fund units without charges. In addition, you earn OP bonuses from fund units.