We are phasing out our travel currency service – paying by card recommended also when travelling abroad

We are phasing out our travel currency service in stages by 1 April 2020. As using payment cards when travelling has become more popular each year, the service no longer fills the need that it has previously.

Did you know that paying by card is the safest method while abroad? If you need cash, the cheapest option is usually to make the withdrawal at an ATM in your travel destination. In other words, you can pay and use cash while abroad easily without pre-ordering travel currency.

Timetable for phasing out the service

31 Jan

  • The final date when you can pick up travel currency from a bank branch. The change applies to all channels for ordering travel currency, in other words our bank branches, op.fi and telephone service.

29 Feb

  • The final date when you can order currency as a mail or airport delivery in the op.fi service or our telephone service. The order form will be removed from the op.fi service. 
  • During February, travel currency may not be available at some bank branches. Check the situation with your bank before exchanging travel currency.

1 to 31 March

  • We continue to deliver mail and airport delivery orders placed in February.

1 April

  • Our travel currency service ends.

Are you unsure or have questions about paying by card while abroad? We have compiled helpful information on the topic for you.

Learn more about paying by card while abroad