Changes in service charges and terms and conditions of agreement 1 November 2020

We will change some of our service charges and the terms and conditions of agreement as of 1 November 2020.

OP’s private customers will be informed of the changes in service charges by message on the service or by post in August, two months before the changes take effect. 

We will inform you of an incoming message on the service by SMS or email. You can read the message also on OP-mobile. You will receive several messages or letters if you, for example, have a customer relationship with several OP cooperative banks or are a legal guardian of a minor who is OP’s customer.

Improving and maintaining services cause expenses and we occasionally have to revise prices accordingly.

Service charges will be debited from your account or your OP bonuses

The charges based on our list of service charges and fees will be debited from your account every month. If you are an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, the OP bonuses you have earned will be used to pay service charges and fees. 

You can check your OP bonuses on the service under Owner-customers and benefits and on OP-mobile in Owner benefits. If you are not user of the service, you can check your OP bonuses by visiting your OP cooperative bank branch or by activating the service.